Outdoor Play in Early Years


I have split this outdoor training into 6 short sections (around 20 minutes each) that you can watch all in one go or in smaller chunks. Across all of the sections we will be looking at the importance of outdoor play and its impact on their development, both emotional and academic.

  • Section 1 – Why is outdoor play important?
  • Section 2 – What makes a successful outdoor space?
  • Section 3 – Cognitive and emotional benefits of outdoor play
  • Section 4 – Physical benefits of outdoor play
  • Section 5 – Types of outdoor play
  • Section 6 – Risky Play


I’m so pleased to be able to say that the new home for my online courses is here on Early Years TV – hosted by my good friend Kathy Brodie.

Early Years TV is a brilliant site – with a free Early Years video every week, a back catalogue of hundreds of amazing interviews, and a growing collection of excellent masterclasses.

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