Transition into Key Stage One


DATE: 23rd May 2018

TIME: 8pm



‘Transition is a process not an event’

As adults we can find the transitions that we make in our life nerve wracking and unsettling. It could be starting a new job or moving to a new area. We often don’t feel happy and settled until things become a bit more familiar.

This sort of feeling is no different for children, in fact it is likely to be greatly magnified. As adults we have a great deal of prior knowledge and experience of life to draw on, whereas children have significantly less. They don’t know from experience that everything is likely to be alright or have strategies for dealing with the situation if it isn’t.

That is why good transitions are crucial both for children’s emotional wellbeing and their potential for attainment.

One thing to keep at the forefront of your thinking is that children should enjoy the transition process. Not just experience or endure it, but actually enjoy it.

For this to happen it needs to be planned well in advance. If practical, pre- transition visits should be regular throughout the year, Not just in the last week of the Summer Term

In this webinar I will be talking about how to create an effective transition in between Reception and Year One that will promote high levels of wellbeing  for children (and staff) that lead to the potential for high level attainment.

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