ABC Does ... Role Play

Course Description

This training is split into 5 sections, each one lasting approximately 20 minutes.

Section 1 - Why Children Role Play (16 mins)

We will look at some of the reasons why children role play and the important impact it has on their social and emotional as well as cognitive learning.

Section 2 - Role Play Development  (25 mins)

Exploring how children use role play at different stages of their development, supporting us in making sure that our provision for role play is appropriate.

Section 3 - Role Play Provision (26 mins)

Discussing some examples of role play provision that has been particularly successful in developing key skills and experiences of the children who were using it.

Section 4 - Role Play Outside (15 mins)

Children will role play wherever they are! We will have a look at role play in the outdoor environment, how similar and different it can be to what happens indoors.

Section 5 - Superhero and Weapon Play (19 mins)

Why do children engage in Superhero and Weapon Play? Why is this play important and how you can value it within your setting?

What is included

  • 5 x Videos
  • A downloadable PDF for each section
  • Certificate on completion
You get lifetime access to the course and you can watch as many times as you want.

To Purchase

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