Home Learning Ideas


We are part of a wonderful, international community of Early Years practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge and a HUGE bank of ideas and activities, so let's share them!

This collection of activities/ideas is simply here to help parents and carers find fun things to do if they find themselves unexpectedly at home with younger children.

Most of the ideas have an educational slant but we believe that learning when you're little should be play based.

So much quality learning can come from activities like helping with the washing, doing some gardening, baking, watching films, colouring, playing board games, writing letters to friends and relatives, reading stories, talking and just spending time together!

I also wanted our bank of ideas to be simple enough for most people to do at home, with items they already have. I have tried to avoid using ideas that involve food and any that I have included, like playdough, are multi-use and can be made using produce that is out of date.

If you would like to contribute to this collection please email me your activity ideas to

All you need to do is send the information and a photograph and I will do the rest.

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