Get a Grip for January!

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I have blogged a great deal about all of the things that you can do to prepare children to become successful writers. I think our aim should always be not just to get children writing, but to get children wanting to write. It is undoubtedly true (especially for some boys) That without the will  they will struggle to master the skill! But often how we approach the teaching of writing doesn't take 'will' into account. It seems to be all about the end result and not the process. The stages of physical writing development can be tricky and different children show different levels of dexterity at different times.  When it comes to 'writing' as opposed to 'mark making' I think … Read More

My new favourite book…Into the Forest…

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I am always on the look out for a great children's book and I found this one at my good friend Pete's ( house last night! Although he does have 2 children they are now in Year 10 and Year 12 so he didn't buy it for them. Within his training repertoire, he has a really good day on using film to inspire techniques in writing for KS1 and Ks2. One of the  9 techniques that he explores is 'signposting'. In its simplest terms, children look at different film clips and texts and discuss how the director/author has built the tension and 'signposted' to the watcher/reader that something is about to happen. The children then experiment with using these techniques, first through talk and then writing. It is really … Read More

Mark Making Idea

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 I am always on the hunt for good mark making ideas. When I say good, what I mean by that is mark making ideas that children actually use! This one is really simple but was proving very popular in the setting where I used it. Rather than just offer the children white boards and paper I created my own version of a themed wipe clean writing board. The themes were based on the childrens' interests that had been recorded by staff during play and discussion This is how I did it. First I used a piece of  black mounting card (this stuff is produced for mounting A4 paper so is slightly larger than A4 and stiff but not too thick). You could use any card, … Read More

Jedi Writing and Mark Making Laboratory

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 I have been using Jedi Writing for a long time now and I know a number of schools have had success with it. For those children who are really into pink and sparkly and not light sabres, there is also Sparkle Writing which uses a wand! This intervention is for children who can recognise and hear the sounds that they are attempting to write. It is based around good old sky writing just with a few differences! You know the scenario, you have a child who is keen to write their name but is still palm gripping and their orientation is all up the spout! They are VERY enthusiastic and keen to get going and this is where your dilemma … Read More