Cross Phase Planning Reception to Year One

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I know that this is a subject that causes lots of headaches. Whether you are in mixed age group class or you are trying to manage the transition between Reception and Year One. Unfortunately there is no 'magic' planning format or timetable that will sort this out for you but there are a few things that you can put in place that will really help you to get the best for all of the children in your care. Ethos This is the most important thing to establish before you do anything else. What is the ethos and expectation of the Senior Management Team of your school with regard to styles of teaching in Reception and Year One. This might not … Read More

Transition from Reception to Year One – A process not an event!

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Now is the time of year when lots of settings begin to think about making arrangements for transition. When I was a Reception teacher it used to be two story swaps in the last week of term !  With the advent of the Foundation Stage and government training such as 'Continuing the Learning Journey' I assumed that practice would have moved on significantly. Although I have seen some excellent provision for 'transition', I have seen lots that amounts to little more than the story swaps! The more I looked into the impact of transition as a Headteacher the more I became convinced that how children were moved to their new Key Stage had a huge impact not only on their emotional … Read More

Policies, Planning and other bits!

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All has been a little quiet on the blogging front of late as I have been up to my eyes in all sorts of exciting EYFS 'stuff'. But as we have 2 lovely long weekends close together I am getting some time to catch my breath. Having said that, I have just got back from Borehamwood (Hertfordshire ) where I had the great pleasure of delivering a conference. To make it easier for all of the delegates (and anyone else who is looking) I am going to post all of the formats that I talked about today here. I know I keep saying it but the newer, much improved blog is coming – I am just struggling to find some … Read More

Out of School Providers

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Man Alive – what a weekend…what a day! After the gales on Thursday we decided it would be a really good idea to go to Keldy forest park and stay in a tree house! Luckily the tree house was far more substantial than it sounds so there was no chance of us blowing away! We had an excellent time that was over far too quickly!  If I am honest, it is not as  remote outdoors as it sounds especially when you find out that the tree house is attached to a lodge that sports its own hot tub and Wii! Lets just say you wouldn't find Bear Grylls doing an outback special there. Having said that there was loads of … Read More