Forest Kindergarten – by Marina Robb

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Forest Kindergarten Children are by nature curious and playful.  There is a reason for that.  Self-directed exploration and play are how they learn.  Children were designed by nature to educate themselves by playing and exploring.   The launch of the new Forest Kindergarten Level 3 Training is a welcomed and exciting moment.  Although there are many opportunities to learn how to bring the benefits of the outdoors to the early years, this training has been crafted by early years professionals, with a vast range of nature-based experience.  It is aimed to provide inclusive and accessible results so that children from urban or more rural settings can explore and enjoy local nature play in their communities.   This Level 3 training … Read More

abc does…a training day in Borehamwood – and you are all invited!

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A little while ago I got to travel to Borehamwood to catch up with my lovely friend Karen and deliver some EYFS training in her school. Turns out it can't have been that bad as another school in Borehamwood have asked me back to their setting to deliver a full days training on 'Inspirational EYFS'. They are more than happy for other people to join them for the day for a nominal charge. So if you are in the area and fancy coming along. We would love to see you!     Focus of the day– Inspirational EYFS Content – Practical examples of how to make your practice and setting the best that it can be. When – Tuesday 26th April 2011 Where– Cowleyhill … Read More

Recording Attainment in Continuous Provision and other stuff

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 Training heads and EYFS coordinators today – looking at what excellent FS might look like and how you would know, especially if you were not an EYFS expert. I think the only word for the day would be organic. When the delegates had \outlined their ideal expectations of the day they were not the outline of the the course that had been advertised. But, in the spirit of all I talk about with EYFS teaching, you have to respond to the identified assessment need and change your plan. So that is what I did. It just meant a good bit of copying from one laptop to another before flashing it on the screen. My pen drive was ' smokin '!! … Read More