Imaginative Play and the Overhead Projector

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In the days before every classroom had a computer, never mind an iPad per child, schools were full of weird and wonderful contraptions to help to make your life more simple. When none of us had even heard of a photocopier we relied on the services of the Banda Generator. A spirit based printing machine that required you to write out your worksheets in special ink, load up a large drum with your master copy and then turn a handle like your life depended on it.  Sheet after sheet of purple stained paper would then land in a pile – still wet and reeking of alcohol. Many a morning was spent in ‘the Banda queue’ observing some quite unnerving ‘jiggling’ … Read More

Cross Phase Planning – Nursery and Reception

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Whether it is Nursery and Reception or Reception and Year 1 together – cross phase working and planning can be a HUGELY positive experience for children but if it is done 'properly' then there are lots of challenges for the practitioners. Whilst adult directed activities are not such usually the issue, the main challenge comes through effective differentiation within the continuous provision. Your resourcing and challenge in all of your areas has to cater for the ability levels of all of your children from the lest to the most able. With two age groups together you are often significantly increasing the range of ability you are catering for. I have never yet come across a setting where the provision has … Read More

Outdoor Role Play

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 'Now, I like themed role play and I like deconstructed role play – but which one of them is best? There is only one way to find out…FIGHT!  I had a really fascinating day the other day back at Stanley Primary (the one with the ducks – more of that later). I was there to evaluate the den making project and also to look at why Creativity points 6,7,8,and 9 were still so elusive, especially for the boys. It turned out that the solution to the latter was in the examination of the former – does that make sense? Maybe it will if I show you some pictures! Stanley is a 3-form entry Primary and the Reception share a large outdoor space … Read More

Outdoor Makeover – Sudley Infant Style!

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Another gorgeous Spring day which I spent at Sudley Infant School in Liverpool. This was my second visit to Sudley to work with the team on developing their outdoor space. They have had a lot of work done outdoors, including the installation of  a quite spectacular covered area which will allow them to have a variety of outdoor play experiences all year round.  Ruth, the Head, did a significant amount of shopping around and managed to get this bespoke arrangement for a lot less than your average 'off the peg' canopy. To the left, behind the canopy, there is a large grassed area in which there will eventually be a den making station (of course), raised beds allotment, wild area/bushes for exploration, … Read More