Seed Bombing!

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Now that the weather has finally decided to warm up a bit, you might want to get your children to partake in a little bit of Seed Bombing. Seed Bombing originally started out as a way of bringing a bit of 'nature' and 'colour' to disused and derelict pieces of land in towns and cities, but now you can buy ready made seed bombs to scatter in your own garden or outdoor area. But, why buy when you can make your own? (I was ably assisted by my youngest son, Geordie and my niece, Mabel). The concept of a Seed Bomb is a ball of seeds wrapped in compost and red clay. The clay gradually disintegrates when it is left … Read More

Developing Skill Differentiation

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Have had the great pleasure of working with lots of lovely settings over the last couple of weeks, with two in particular focussing on the development of skills in Continuous Provision and objective led planning. Last week I made a visit to Dee Point Primary School to work with the very lovely Lindsay and her team. Lindsay is the new Early Years Coordinator a this 2 form entry primary and manages the Early Years team which includes Nursery and Reception. Lindsay and I have worked together before she went to Dee Point and talked lots about objective led planning and how it works so, when she started her new role she was keen to put her ideas into practice. My … Read More

Make your own dinosaur eggs!

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When it comes to dinosaurs, there is hardly an Early Years setting that doesn’t dig up a bone or two at some point during the year. Wherever I go, dinosaurs never fail to capture the imagination of lots of children.  Imagine finding this box of goodies buried in your outdoor area! all photos from and abcdoes project at Moor Park Primary find out more here In most settings the dinosaur discovery starts with some bones or an egg. Bones are relitively easy to get hold of or make. Even if you haven’t got a collection of sheeps skulls and foxes jaw bones like me, you can usually lay your hands on some big bones from the butcher and boil them … Read More

Home Made Musical Instruments by Child’s Play Music

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I was really chuffed a little while back to get an email from Alec at Child's Play Music to say that he had featured me on his EYFS blog in Australia.  Not only does Alec blog his work but he also is quite a prolific YouTube video poster. The ideas that he has for producing low cost, high engagement music in EYFS are brilliant. I have spent far too long looking at his stuff and plotting which poor unsuspecting setting I can try some of it out on. I especially love the pan lids and metal bowls in the water tray. I have posted three examples of Alec's work to get you started, but there are lots more to really … Read More