Have you tried…Marshmallow Dough?

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At the moment I am working on the finishing touches of 'Ready to Write' which is a book all about how children develop physically and cognitively on their journey to becoming a 'writer'. At different stages of development, children need to experience materials of different malleability. During the  early stages of development, 'classic' dough alone doesn't offer enough malleability and dexterity to develop essential muscles.  As children become more proficient in their fine motor development then 'classic' dough doesn' t offer enough resistance for the further development of their palm arches and finger joints. Although there are a million things that you can add to generic dough to make it a different colour, give it a different smell or change … Read More

Playdough Recipes

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Have included the most 'popular' and interesting recipes including a chocolate one that you can eat! Am always looking for more so please feel free to post them   Alistair Download Playdough recipes  Download Playdough recipes 97-2003