Adult Directed verses Child Initiated

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The Early Years guidance is very clear that there needs to be a good mix of adult directed teaching and child initiated learning in your setting. What it is not very clear on is how much of each there should be. The reason for that is there is no real definitive answer, as with a great deal of Early Years practice it depends on a range of other factors. Before you even begin to discuss percentages and ratios, the first thing you need to do is to define what you mean and understand by the terms 'adult directed' and 'child initiated'. I often find that these definitions can be tricky to clarify within a team and that practitioners individual interpretations … Read More

Medium Term Planning in EYFS

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Last post we had a brief overview of long term planning. In this one I am going to give you an idea of the sort of planning that I think really impacts on engagement and attainment. If you are tied into a topic approach then your medium term planning is pretty well sorted and that is a real shame. You are missing a brilliant opportunity to inspire your children on a far more personal level and also challenge yourself and your team to ensure that what you plan is based on the identified needs of your current cohort and that you are not just regurgitating 'lovely activities' just because you have 'always done them'. The process for good medium term … Read More

Long Term Planning in EYFS.

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I am doing lots of writing at the moment which I love, but is making my brain ache a bit. It turns out that book deals are a bit like buses. You don't get one for ages then all of a sudden two come along at once! More details to follow soon but ABC Does a book should be on the shelves by early 2012! As a brain break from my writing I have been working on my conference content for Ready, Steady, Go! in Manchester on 1st July. Today I have been mostly thinking about the planning section and thought I might share some of my thoughts. For all those of you who are joining me on the 1st, … Read More