Medium Term Planner – filled in (as if you are thinking about planning now!!)

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 Really enjoyed my day in Southend – thank you all for the positive feedback (and the bottle of wine)! For those of you who are going to have a go at the medium term ' theme ' planner then here it is for download. Download Child Initiated Planner Blank For ages now I have been promising to upload a completed version and at last I have got one for you to have a look at. This one comes from Janet Spreadbury who is a Reception teacher in Liverpool. I have been working with Jan as part of a project for the Liverpool Learning Network. During the Summer break Jan's school knocked 2 Reception classrooms into one space with 2 teachers … Read More

Out of School Providers

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Man Alive – what a weekend…what a day! After the gales on Thursday we decided it would be a really good idea to go to Keldy forest park and stay in a tree house! Luckily the tree house was far more substantial than it sounds so there was no chance of us blowing away! We had an excellent time that was over far too quickly!  If I am honest, it is not as  remote outdoors as it sounds especially when you find out that the tree house is attached to a lodge that sports its own hot tub and Wii! Lets just say you wouldn't find Bear Grylls doing an outback special there. Having said that there was loads of … Read More

Getting Creative in Blackpool

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Blackpool today. Heads in the morning, EYFS practitioners in the afternoon! With heads we were looking at how to recognise attainment in FS and with practitioners, how to show challenge in the environment and continuous provision. I really enjoyed the day but a really weird thing happened at the end of the day. First my left ear went bright red and then my right one. They are still a bit hot and luminescent. What does that mean? Have I got red ear disease? I hope not! For all of you who were there today – thanks for a great day and here are the documents we looked at (all in one place) Came home to the first ' real ' … Read More

Back from the mountain!

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 Had a great birthday and holiday in Snowdonia – even managed to find a sheep's skull and some random bones that are bound to come in handy in a 'talk box' somewhere along the line! I mentioned in a previous post that I had discovered some ace books by Tracy Gallup who is a doll maker who poses her sculptures in, on and around natural products.  I have used the images a great deal in training with both practitioners and children and absolutely love them. My gorgeous wife commissioned one for my birthday as a surprise, so I now have my very own Gallup original! It is fab. The heart shaped stone is a piece of genius but I especially … Read More