Tim’s Story Part Two!

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The work I did in Hampshire is going to form part of a case study that I have been asked to write so I emailed all of the participants to ask them for a photograph to use in the book. So far, only Tim has obliged. So, for anyone who was wondering…this is Tim. On receipt of this image I did ask him if it was his application photo for America's Next Top Model! He  assures me it is nothing of the sort! Other than personalising his environment Tim and I were looking at the use of the other adult for maximum impact. I have been looking at this with a number of settings and have now got a planning … Read More

Boys writing through play AND a brilliant activity… painting bread!

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I was back in Coventry this week at St Mary and St Benedict Primary School to work with the staff on further enhancing their EYFS practice and also to have a look at their very swanky outdoor area. The school have invested a lot of money in the Early Years outdoor space both in landscaping and structures. They have even got a small copse at the back of their play area. I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures to share. This structure was HUGE you could literally have a barn dance in it! It is a big space to fill but SO MUCH potential… I was drawn to the trees at the back. It was such a lovely area, … Read More

Continuous Outdoor Provision – A bit of help!

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What do you get if you put me and 150 childminders in a room late on a Tuesday night? Sound like the beginning of a joke? Welcome to my world! We were looking at turning your garden/back yard into a purposeful outdoor space without spending a fortune. Lots of good feedback from the delegates – would love to see what they actually go back and do, was also really impressed at how much is already going on in peoples back gardens, some really inspirational stuff. More and more in the settings that I work with I am seeing the use of a butchers curtain accross the outside door to let the door be open, with maximum visibility but keep out … Read More

Outdoor Play idea…

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Had a great day in a setting today looking at provision in Nursery, Reception and Year One. Thanks to Cally, Leanne and Sam for making me so welcome – again! Saw some really inspiring practice and a setting where the environment alone was well on the way to painting an accurate and rich picture of the ethos, engagement and assessment that was regularly taking place. There were loads of ideas that were worth pinching (with permission) but one that I hadn't seen before ( I am sure loads of people are probably doing it!) was the use of plastic fencing to 'zone' your outdoor space. The beauty of it is that it is moveable and the children working in it … Read More