Outdoor Play idea…

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Had a great day in a setting today looking at provision in Nursery, Reception and Year One. Thanks to Cally, Leanne and Sam for making me so welcome – again! Saw some really inspiring practice and a setting where the environment alone was well on the way to painting an accurate and rich picture of the ethos, engagement and assessment that was regularly taking place. There were loads of ideas that were worth pinching (with permission) but one that I hadn't seen before ( I am sure loads of people are probably doing it!) was the use of plastic fencing to 'zone' your outdoor space. The beauty of it is that it is moveable and the children working in it … Read More

Take every opportunity!

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The children were giddy with excitement when they came in today although I am not sure why – although I enjoyed joining in their giddyness! Today our main foci were wallpapering the talk area' for discussion, mixing powder paint – ensuring independence and following up an activity that started yesterday when the children were writing letters to a fictitious bear! The morning children LOVED wallpapering and everybody had a turn – in the afternoon no one came near it, funny how that happens!     It's not quite straight and it's a bit lumpy but we got LOADS out of it and they were very proud of their work. I am AMAZED at the independence of these children. We have had a new … Read More

two little boys… build a tunnel

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Today was officially great!  The children are still coming in a few at a time but the ones who have been in for a few days are really starting to feel at home and use the environment independently. They did some brilliant outdoor work with the bread trays and plastic covers. In the couple of hours that I was out there the area was everything from Tia's sausage butty shop to a pirate ship complete with planks for walking! All of this with minimum adult intervention. If we had themed the outdoors as a cafe or a house we wouldn't have got such diverse opportunities for play. I have got some big plans for outdoors but we are starting with … Read More