Play Pods in action by Juliet Robertson

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If you haven't come across the Creative Star blog  'I am a teacher get me OUTSIDE here!' or Juliet before then you really need to pay her a visit here and have a look. There are loads of great ideas to inspire you and your children in your outdoor environment This is what Juliet says about herself and her blog I'm an education consultant who is passionate about getting children outside. This blog is my way of getting too many outdoor ideas and thoughts out of my head to make room for more to appear! Still teach 1 day per week to keep my hands dirty and my mind fresh! Aside from this I run a lot training courses, workshops … Read More

Outdoor Makeover – on a budget!

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I have spent a great deal of time over this last week outside for one reason or another. On the domestic front our tortoise Ned has gone AWOL from his enclosure. Tortoises are the masters of escapology and he has done this a couple of times before but we have always found him. This time there is no sign! I have searched in bushes, under stones been prickled, nettled and rained on but the elusive Ned is still eluding… When not hunting for tortoises I have been working with a settings planning their outdoor area and got invited to the opening of another that was part of a cluster of schools who were granted some funding to improve their outdoor … Read More

Outdoor Role Play

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 'Now, I like themed role play and I like deconstructed role play – but which one of them is best? There is only one way to find out…FIGHT!  I had a really fascinating day the other day back at Stanley Primary (the one with the ducks – more of that later). I was there to evaluate the den making project and also to look at why Creativity points 6,7,8,and 9 were still so elusive, especially for the boys. It turned out that the solution to the latter was in the examination of the former – does that make sense? Maybe it will if I show you some pictures! Stanley is a 3-form entry Primary and the Reception share a large outdoor space … Read More

Continuous Outdoor Provision – A bit of help!

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What do you get if you put me and 150 childminders in a room late on a Tuesday night? Sound like the beginning of a joke? Welcome to my world! We were looking at turning your garden/back yard into a purposeful outdoor space without spending a fortune. Lots of good feedback from the delegates – would love to see what they actually go back and do, was also really impressed at how much is already going on in peoples back gardens, some really inspirational stuff. More and more in the settings that I work with I am seeing the use of a butchers curtain accross the outside door to let the door be open, with maximum visibility but keep out … Read More