Get Cosy – Some great ideas!

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As always, I have seen lots of inspiring ideas on my travels, so I thought I would share a few… First of all, you need to keep a look out for this 'must have' catalogue for Early Years resources.  It was Joanne at Chester Blue Coat Primary School that recommended it to me and I have been promoting it ever since. It has got some BRILLIANT stuff in it, the sorts of things that we spend hours trying to source and collect. Better than that the prices are really good! There is no website yet so you need to check your pigeon hole or staffroom table to see if your copy has been delivered. If you can't find it or … Read More

Mark Making Idea

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 I am always on the hunt for good mark making ideas. When I say good, what I mean by that is mark making ideas that children actually use! This one is really simple but was proving very popular in the setting where I used it. Rather than just offer the children white boards and paper I created my own version of a themed wipe clean writing board. The themes were based on the childrens' interests that had been recorded by staff during play and discussion This is how I did it. First I used a piece of  black mounting card (this stuff is produced for mounting A4 paper so is slightly larger than A4 and stiff but not too thick). You could use any card, … Read More