Outdoor Play Inspiration

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A little while ago I was doing some work with a cluster of schools in the North East of England when I came accross the most amazing climbing frame made from naturally sourced real wood. It turns out that it was made by a North East based company called 'Infinite Edge'. I did a brief post about them at the time. I got a lot of interests and email enquiries following that post so I have asked Infinite Edge if they would do me a guest post and here it is… Infinite Edge Playgrounds is a company built on the premise of infinite play and its wide reaching impact on learning.  We are a local company tracing our roots as … Read More

Outdoor Makeover – on a budget!

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I have spent a great deal of time over this last week outside for one reason or another. On the domestic front our tortoise Ned has gone AWOL from his enclosure. Tortoises are the masters of escapology and he has done this a couple of times before but we have always found him. This time there is no sign! I have searched in bushes, under stones been prickled, nettled and rained on but the elusive Ned is still eluding… When not hunting for tortoises I have been working with a settings planning their outdoor area and got invited to the opening of another that was part of a cluster of schools who were granted some funding to improve their outdoor … Read More

Mark Making Idea

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 I am always on the hunt for good mark making ideas. When I say good, what I mean by that is mark making ideas that children actually use! This one is really simple but was proving very popular in the setting where I used it. Rather than just offer the children white boards and paper I created my own version of a themed wipe clean writing board. The themes were based on the childrens' interests that had been recorded by staff during play and discussion This is how I did it. First I used a piece of  black mounting card (this stuff is produced for mounting A4 paper so is slightly larger than A4 and stiff but not too thick). You could use any card, … Read More