What Ofsted are looking for in EYFS

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From my experience of working with lots of settings across the country the story when it comes to Ofsted inspections is still mixed at best. There still seems to be a huge difference between what different inspectors see as 'good practice'. Although we should be primarily driven by best outcomes for children and not teaching for Ofsted, it is the system by which we are all judged, so we need it to be as fair and accurate as it can be. This week, there have been a two publications that are clearly intended to help to make EYFS judgements more uniform and recognise Foundation Stage as unique and requiring its own explicit section in a school inspection. On Monday Sir … Read More

Out of School Providers

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Man Alive – what a weekend…what a day! After the gales on Thursday we decided it would be a really good idea to go to Keldy forest park and stay in a tree house! Luckily the tree house was far more substantial than it sounds so there was no chance of us blowing away! We had an excellent time that was over far too quickly!  If I am honest, it is not as  remote outdoors as it sounds especially when you find out that the tree house is attached to a lodge that sports its own hot tub and Wii! Lets just say you wouldn't find Bear Grylls doing an outback special there. Having said that there was loads of … Read More

Planning and the Great Outdoors!

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 My entire Nursery and Reception team used to plan a week ahead and all now feel that this style of planning is MUCH more effective. This is a copy of one of my daily planners for last week. It has to be used in conjunction with our assessment books as they contain a lot of the specific detail. We are still bringing the children in a few at a time and you will see that ALL adults are in continuous provision modelling. So far our children are demonstrating high levels of independence – even though a significant number are still in nappies! NB – Bottom of planning should read Anecdotal not Anarchdotal (as spotted by Cait from Foundation Stage Forum!) … Read More