Cross Phase Planning Reception to Year One

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I know that this is a subject that causes lots of headaches. Whether you are in mixed age group class or you are trying to manage the transition between Reception and Year One. Unfortunately there is no 'magic' planning format or timetable that will sort this out for you but there are a few things that you can put in place that will really help you to get the best for all of the children in your care. Ethos This is the most important thing to establish before you do anything else. What is the ethos and expectation of the Senior Management Team of your school with regard to styles of teaching in Reception and Year One. This might not … Read More

Medium Term Planning in EYFS

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Last post we had a brief overview of long term planning. In this one I am going to give you an idea of the sort of planning that I think really impacts on engagement and attainment. If you are tied into a topic approach then your medium term planning is pretty well sorted and that is a real shame. You are missing a brilliant opportunity to inspire your children on a far more personal level and also challenge yourself and your team to ensure that what you plan is based on the identified needs of your current cohort and that you are not just regurgitating 'lovely activities' just because you have 'always done them'. The process for good medium term … Read More

Planning Formats

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I will keep adding these as I go. This is a child initiated medium term planner. Key points to remember: MOVE AWAY from the yearly topic planner BE LED by children's interests FIND OUT what they know ADD your own pinch (or large blob) of expertise Create a 'something' that pulls it all together Assess, Assess, Assess If you need a bit of extra 'padding' this was a post I made on the Foundation Stage Forum – If you are not a member join! It is a fantastic resource and full of some inspirational practitioners – and a few nutters!! Basically – Your document is your long term planning and you need to be sure that you have a … Read More