Forest Kindergarten – by Marina Robb

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Forest Kindergarten Children are by nature curious and playful.  There is a reason for that.  Self-directed exploration and play are how they learn.  Children were designed by nature to educate themselves by playing and exploring.   The launch of the new Forest Kindergarten Level 3 Training is a welcomed and exciting moment.  Although there are many opportunities to learn how to bring the benefits of the outdoors to the early years, this training has been crafted by early years professionals, with a vast range of nature-based experience.  It is aimed to provide inclusive and accessible results so that children from urban or more rural settings can explore and enjoy local nature play in their communities.   This Level 3 training … Read More

Getting Creative in Blackpool

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Blackpool today. Heads in the morning, EYFS practitioners in the afternoon! With heads we were looking at how to recognise attainment in FS and with practitioners, how to show challenge in the environment and continuous provision. I really enjoyed the day but a really weird thing happened at the end of the day. First my left ear went bright red and then my right one. They are still a bit hot and luminescent. What does that mean? Have I got red ear disease? I hope not! For all of you who were there today – thanks for a great day and here are the documents we looked at (all in one place) Came home to the first ' real ' … Read More

Children leading learning through Usher!

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Today was a bit of a blur! We had 3 new starters (one whirlwind, one refuser and one screamer) a vomit incident (into the dough) a water tray leak followed by what happens when you leave two boys in the sand while you are distracted by a whirlwind a refuser a vomiter and a screamer… Yes, that would be every sand play toy  we posess plus half a gallon of water – so much for teaching them to fill the water tray by themselves! I have to say though – they had a GREAT time and I did find myself having a sneaky splash! Oh, and I also had to meet with the Governing Body to talk to them about … Read More