Outdoor Play Inspiration

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A little while ago I was doing some work with a cluster of schools in the North East of England when I came accross the most amazing climbing frame made from naturally sourced real wood. It turns out that it was made by a North East based company called 'Infinite Edge'. I did a brief post about them at the time. I got a lot of interests and email enquiries following that post so I have asked Infinite Edge if they would do me a guest post and here it is… Infinite Edge Playgrounds is a company built on the premise of infinite play and its wide reaching impact on learning.  We are a local company tracing our roots as … Read More

Outdoor Play – Fixed Structures

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If we want our outdoor areas to be as versatile as possible then we need to keep big fixed features to a minimum, and those that we do install need to be as ambiguous as possible. On my travels I see lots of wooden trains and pirate ships which often dominate the middles of play spaces. They have often been chosen by adults because the have an initial 'wow' factor – but believe me, the wow factor for lots of children soon wears off! A huge part of our role is to expand children's imaginations and experiences whilst at the same time giving them opportunities to consolidate the things that are happening in their own individual lives. A pirate ship … Read More