Mid Week Make – Apple Shrunken Heads!

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These weren’t my idea, I came across them on the internet and just had to have a go. Initially I made them as talk prompts as part of an activity for my next book about display. The whole concept of a severed head is wonderfully gorey, but also the process of the initial making and then the ensuing decay is fascinating. Not to mention the end results. I love them! They are dead easy to make (excuse the pun)! You need Apples (any sort will do) Apple peeler Play dough utenstils Blunt wooden skewers or sticks Lemon juice (optional) Water (optional) My boys loved making them. I obviously don’t condone the drinking of wine whilst working with children (unless they … Read More

All things witchy…I think I might have met a REAL one!

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For the past few days I have been working out here in Madrid delivering EYFS training on the COBIS teachers’ autumn conference. As well as my own  conference delivery, I also got the chance to attend some of the sessions delivered by the other speakers.  (Matthew Syed and Tom Barwood were two particular highlights and worth a look). Must just say a big thank you to all of the Kings College staff for looking after me and the delegates for being such a pleasure to work with. When I looked down the list of other speakers, one name in particular jumped out… Maeve Friel – THE Maeve Friel, author of Tiger Lily and Witch in Training series. I have read … Read More