Mid Week Make – Apple Shrunken Heads!

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These weren’t my idea, I came across them on the internet and just had to have a go. Initially I made them as talk prompts as part of an activity for my next book about display. The whole concept of a severed head is wonderfully gorey, but also the process of the initial making and then the ensuing decay is fascinating. Not to mention the end results. I love them! They are dead easy to make (excuse the pun)! You need Apples (any sort will do) Apple peeler Play dough utenstils Blunt wooden skewers or sticks Lemon juice (optional) Water (optional) My boys loved making them. I obviously don’t condone the drinking of wine whilst working with children (unless they … Read More

Know Your Early Years Currency

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It is hard to imagine that anyone who worked on the Stock Market wouldn't have any idea what the FTSE index was or how their shares were trading. It is this essential knowledge that allows them to make the best investments and chase the best deals. Whilst in Early Years we don't necessarily have to concern ourselves with FTSE we should all know what is current in the social media lives of the children that we work with. Early Years in a very specialist area of teaching and so are the viewing habits of the children that are in it. There will always be the 'dead cert' themes like Football, Princesses, Dinosaurs and Pets.   Football themed mark making table … Read More

TTS Giveaway – Wooden Viewers

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I have the great pleasure of working with the team at TTS in the development of various educational resources. They are such a lovely lot that they have given me some resources to give away on my blog – that is right, give away…for free! This month you could lay your hands on these gorgeous 'award winning' wooden viewers. They are each 20cm wide, the surround is made of wood and they come in 6 different colours. The list of things that you could use them for is endless. They are great for both indoors and out.  I am sure they would make a welcome addition to any setting. All you have to do to stand a chance of getting them … Read More

Outstanding Outdoor Spaces – Cool Canvas

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I first heard of Cool Canvas after I had delivered a conference in Bolton. I got an email from a delegate to say that they had had a brilliant creative artist come in and completely transform their outdoor space into a fantastic learning environment. It seems that that setting were not alone, as I am seeing and hearing lots more on my travels about the high quality work and the creative ideas that Oliver and his team are spreading through our outdoor environments.  Although there is loads of info and inspirational photos on the Cool Canvas website. I have manages to persuade Oliver to take some time out of his busy schedule to write me a quick guest blog post … Read More