The Gruffalo (and other things that start with Grrrrr)!

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Even though I have read it at least a thousand times I still love it! It is one of those books that I really wish I had written ( I have a long list). It is a good book on lots of levels but I particularly like it as a teaching tool because of its very simple but very effective story language. Lots of repetition which is really good for allowing non readers to 'read along' to the memorised text, really building their self esteem. I wanted to capitalise on this element of book and the fact that it has a high engagement factor for both boys and girls. Added to that I wanted to use it as an outdoor … Read More

Watch this space ! Outdoor provision for creativity.

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 Have actually got a couple of days off next week, supposedly to finish some writing and catch up on admin. Am hoping to squeeze in at least one lunch out with the gorgeous Mrs B-C.  I need to make the most of her as I have got a run of 6 day weeks coming up and as much as I love my job, I do quite like spending time with my family too! Have agreed the focus for the final creativity project and this is it:               It is not much to look at at the moment, but we have BIG plans for this little space. The setting is a 3-form entry Primary School with … Read More

Continuous Outdoor Provision – A bit of help!

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What do you get if you put me and 150 childminders in a room late on a Tuesday night? Sound like the beginning of a joke? Welcome to my world! We were looking at turning your garden/back yard into a purposeful outdoor space without spending a fortune. Lots of good feedback from the delegates – would love to see what they actually go back and do, was also really impressed at how much is already going on in peoples back gardens, some really inspirational stuff. More and more in the settings that I work with I am seeing the use of a butchers curtain accross the outside door to let the door be open, with maximum visibility but keep out … Read More

Early Reading Skills – Ready to Read?

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Am having a bit of an upside down week. I was planning on doing 5 days consecutive  support in a school but looking at the focus of the project it would be much better to do 5 days with a gap in between for action and evaluation so we have re scheduled  the rest of the days giving me a couple of rare 'free' days. My main focus is to get the Blackpool transition project finished and sent off and any other spare time to catch up on a couple of magazine articles that I need to finish. With the boys at school it is also the perfect opportunity to take my gorgeous wife out to lunch! Have had an email … Read More