Adult Directed verses Child Initiated

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The Early Years guidance is very clear that there needs to be a good mix of adult directed teaching and child initiated learning in your setting. What it is not very clear on is how much of each there should be. The reason for that is there is no real definitive answer, as with a great deal of Early Years practice it depends on a range of other factors. Before you even begin to discuss percentages and ratios, the first thing you need to do is to define what you mean and understand by the terms 'adult directed' and 'child initiated'. I often find that these definitions can be tricky to clarify within a team and that practitioners individual interpretations … Read More

Practical Activities for 2 Year Olds – Kathy Brodie

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Following Kathy's last post here are some activites to get you started! Practical activities for your 2-year-olds In my last blog post, I talked about how to meet the sorts of challenges that practitioners may have in mixed age rooms. Some of these may be because settings are now taking 2-year-olds for the first time. In this blog post, I intend to be more practical and discuss some activities for your 2-year-olds. These will support their learning and development, but, much more importantly, they are fun!  Language Development Singing with your 2-year-olds helps them hear the different sounds and recognise the rhythms of words. It also helps children remember words. Not many people can recite a poem from beginning to end, … Read More


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By 'ek! We have only just gone and confirmed the venue for the Newcastle conference!  from Vacant to Engaged… at  Life  An award-winning science centre full of exciting exhibitions, activities and events for all ages.(More info here) on FRIDAY 30th SEPTEMBER and if listening to me for the day wasn't enough excitement… you get free access to all of the exhibitions, events, theatre shows and the biggest planetarium in the North, during lunch and after the conference till closing time! One of the current exhibition is… Wallace and Gromit! But,never mind them. back to me! On the day we will be looking at… Moving away from a 'topic' based curriculum How to construct and then enhance your environment for maximum engagement … Read More

Weekly Planning Sheet – Feeding Forward

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I had SUCH a good time in my role as Fairy Folk Finder. It a project with massive potential. I took my camera to get some photographs and of course got so engrossed in the delivery that I didn't manage to take any! I have asked the ladies at Waterloo to send me the ones they took so when they do I will post more info about how we see the project working and what we have done so far. On Monday this week I was working with the Early Years Department of a large primary school in Salford with 86 FS children The school have not long since finished some re-modelling and the EY now have a huge space … Read More