Planning – Part One

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There is SO much to write about an effective planning process in EYFS. I will do my best to strip it down to what I think are the bare bones. This is not going to be an in depth study, but hopefully will give you a few ideas. There are lots of other factors that might effect the way that you plan, like the space and staff you have available but the basic principle should always be the same. Sudley Infant School Learning is far more effective when you take it into children's play as opposed to  pulling children away from their play to come and sit at your table to 'learn'. So – for me, the key points are: … Read More

Where’s Wally?

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I am  feeling like I'm neglecting my blogging duties a bit at the moment, which is a shame because I love to blog, but my diary is chock a block!  The change in funding for schools has changed the focus of my work in a very positive way. I am now doing lots of project work with clusters of schools who have got together because they have a particular issue or area for exploration in and around EYFS. With some of the projects the focus for all of the settings is the same, like in Salford, where I'm working with a group on their Point of Entry Assessment and for some the schools have created a 'cluster' and bought in my … Read More

Teach don’t tell! Promoting those ‘Eureka’ moments…

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Whilst you are thinking about your set up for September or just musing over how you can make your current provision even better, it is worth considering how you have planned your environment to promote moments of discovery. For many children, their learning barriers come down the minute that we start inviting them to come and sit on the carpet or suggesting that they might like to get out a white board! It doesn't matter what is coming next they are already beginning to think that it is not going to be any fun – just because an adult said it! If you say to those boys ' I have made these Ben 10 white boards for you and I have put … Read More

Out of School Providers

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Man Alive – what a weekend…what a day! After the gales on Thursday we decided it would be a really good idea to go to Keldy forest park and stay in a tree house! Luckily the tree house was far more substantial than it sounds so there was no chance of us blowing away! We had an excellent time that was over far too quickly!  If I am honest, it is not as  remote outdoors as it sounds especially when you find out that the tree house is attached to a lodge that sports its own hot tub and Wii! Lets just say you wouldn't find Bear Grylls doing an outback special there. Having said that there was loads of … Read More