Outdoor Makeover – on a budget!

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I have spent a great deal of time over this last week outside for one reason or another. On the domestic front our tortoise Ned has gone AWOL from his enclosure. Tortoises are the masters of escapology and he has done this a couple of times before but we have always found him. This time there is no sign! I have searched in bushes, under stones been prickled, nettled and rained on but the elusive Ned is still eluding… When not hunting for tortoises I have been working with a settings planning their outdoor area and got invited to the opening of another that was part of a cluster of schools who were granted some funding to improve their outdoor … Read More

Where’s Wally?

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I am  feeling like I'm neglecting my blogging duties a bit at the moment, which is a shame because I love to blog, but my diary is chock a block!  The change in funding for schools has changed the focus of my work in a very positive way. I am now doing lots of project work with clusters of schools who have got together because they have a particular issue or area for exploration in and around EYFS. With some of the projects the focus for all of the settings is the same, like in Salford, where I'm working with a group on their Point of Entry Assessment and for some the schools have created a 'cluster' and bought in my … Read More


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By 'ek! We have only just gone and confirmed the venue for the Newcastle conference!  from Vacant to Engaged… at  Life  An award-winning science centre full of exciting exhibitions, activities and events for all ages.(More info here) on FRIDAY 30th SEPTEMBER and if listening to me for the day wasn't enough excitement… you get free access to all of the exhibitions, events, theatre shows and the biggest planetarium in the North, during lunch and after the conference till closing time! One of the current exhibition is… Wallace and Gromit! But,never mind them. back to me! On the day we will be looking at… Moving away from a 'topic' based curriculum How to construct and then enhance your environment for maximum engagement … Read More

Teaching Key Words? Tattoo them on, then they won’t forget!

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Do you know what? I am only half joking! This week I have discovered that there is such a thing as temporary tattoo paper! You print out images on it from your computer and then they peel off and stick on just like the ones my boys come home covered in from the school disco!  (TIP: If you are going to use text remeber to reverse it BEFORE you print. You can do this in most word processing programmes now). I know that you would have to have a discussion with your team and the senior leaders about whether they would promote the use of temporary tattoos in your setting, but just think of the possibilities… Lots of children would be very motivated by the thought of … Read More