Spring Exploratory Jelly…

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Back in the Autumn, I posted this recipe for Autumn jelly. It is a really interesting and easy activity to create. Lots of you tried it and shared photos of your jelly creations – thank you, they were great to see and share. This week on Instagram, @earlyyearsoutdoor shared a ‘Flower Jelly’ version which looked great. If you make any sort of jelly : flower, Spring, dinosaur…. then please send me a picture and I will share it. Have a great weekend… Alistair This is a really simple activity that gives you lots of opportunities to explore many aspects of the EYFS. If you involve the children from the very beginning then not only will they be able to talk … Read More

Imaginative Play and the Overhead Projector

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In the days before every classroom had a computer, never mind an iPad per child, schools were full of weird and wonderful contraptions to help to make your life more simple. When none of us had even heard of a photocopier we relied on the services of the Banda Generator. A spirit based printing machine that required you to write out your worksheets in special ink, load up a large drum with your master copy and then turn a handle like your life depended on it.  Sheet after sheet of purple stained paper would then land in a pile – still wet and reeking of alcohol. Many a morning was spent in ‘the Banda queue’ observing some quite unnerving ‘jiggling’ … Read More

An Early Years Science Activity and Giveaway Winners!

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This is an Understanding the World activity that I guarantee you and your children will LOVE! All you need is some laminating pouches, an iron, an ironing board, some A4 paper and a few random objects. Now, most of you will have spent many a happy hour slaving over (and probably jamming) your laminator making various labels and resources. Well, today you are going to give the laminator a rest and seal your pouches by hand using an iron. The reason that we want to seal them by hand is that we are going to try and trap something exciting in the middle of the pouch for the children to observe and poke. I know this is the time of … Read More

Granny’s Teeth and a Tooth Fairy Problem Solved!

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Granny’s Teeth and a Tooth Fairy Problem Solved! Some children in FS2 at Summerside School recently lost some milk teeth. We talked about how important it is to look after your teeth. The children were shown how to brush their teeth. We had fun making our own toothpaste and everyone tried it out with a new toothbrush. Try this toothpaste recipe: 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon peppermint essential oil A few drops of water We talked about what happens when you lose a tooth. We had a discussion about what happens in different cultures. Did you know that in Mali children put their lost tooth under a gourd to find a chicken in its place the … Read More