Making Snow…and other Early Years Practice.

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Just thought you might like to share some of the sorts of practice that I have been looking at over the past couple of weeks. Last week I popped to Coventry to work with Nicki  and the Early Years team at Joseph Cash Primary school.  The school has 60 Reception children who work in one open plan space (with a small work room next to the loos!) and a Nursery class who have their own space but share an outside area. I was working with Nicki on the further implementation of objective led planning and looking at their current systems for recording all of their other bits of planning – plus a bit of outdoor evaluation thrown in for good … Read More

Good EYFS Display? Try a ‘Scrapbook’ approach.

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I am often asked what 'good' EYFS display should look like. My answer is usually that it is easier to say what a 'not so good' display looks like and work backwards from there! When I was an NQT I spent HOURS on my displays. Every board a different colour, every boarder picked for maximum contrast! Foil backed boards with tinsel boarders, swags, drapes, fairy lights – you name it I had it (with knobs on)! I very much saw my display as being an obvious judgement of me and my abilities as a teacher rather than a mechanism to inspire, motivate and teach my children. Over time and with experience my view has drastically changed an I have become … Read More