Café Culture and the not so humble snack…

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Like with every area of your provision, it is worth asking the question 'what is snack for?' before you start to plan for it. At it most basic level, snack is an opportunity for young children, who burn lots of energy in their play and exploration of your environment, to re-fuel. But, in truth there is SO much more that snack could and should be than that. At best it can offer some brilliant leaning opportunities. At worst it is a bag of apples and some cartons of milk dumped on a table. Halton Lodge have a small but perfectly formed snack area with a 'Have a go if you want to' waiting area with leveled challenges in it There … Read More

ANOTHER Assessment Idea – Orbit

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I had a week in Hampshire last week finishing off the first Leading Foundation Stage Practitioner project with Jodie, Tim, Helen and Amey. They are all doing some really brilliant stuff. I will post some of what they are doing soon, but before I do, I thought you might be interested in this. It is a FREE assessment app by Orbit. Not only can you record live events and link them to assessment you can also share your ongoing assessments with parents and carers using a link. I have not used it or seen it used, but have been sent the link by several people since my last post, all of whom recommend it – so thought it would be … Read More

Early Years Assessment App

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Now I know that not everyone in Early Years has got an iPhone or and iPad but there are a growing number of setting that I work in where the staff have been given one for teaching and assessment and they are a really useful tool. They not only create high level interest and engagement from children there are LOADS of appropriate apps and games that you can use to actually impact on teaching and learning rather than 'just playing' (not that 'just playing' is always a bad thing!) Here an iPad is being used for some phonic group work. Don't worry, the grip has been duly noted and acted upon!  Even the 'pinkness' of the iPad cover wasn't putting … Read More

Long Term Planning in EYFS.

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I am doing lots of writing at the moment which I love, but is making my brain ache a bit. It turns out that book deals are a bit like buses. You don't get one for ages then all of a sudden two come along at once! More details to follow soon but ABC Does a book should be on the shelves by early 2012! As a brain break from my writing I have been working on my conference content for Ready, Steady, Go! in Manchester on 1st July. Today I have been mostly thinking about the planning section and thought I might share some of my thoughts. For all those of you who are joining me on the 1st, … Read More