Mark Making In Reception and other ideas from Hampshire

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Sorry for blog absence but as well as my jaunts around the country I also have had a deadline looming for 2 books for Bloomsbury. I am co authoring them with Kirstine Beeley and they are part of the '50 Fantastic things to do with…' range. So I have just finished (HOORAY!) 50 fantastic things to do with Paint and 50 Fantastic things to Squish, Squash and Squeeze. Both coming to a bookshop near you soon! Anyway, as I said in my previous post I went on a trip to Hampshire to deliver some conferences and work with some settings. These are settings that the LA have already identified as having very good practice and my job is to help … Read More

Continuous Provision in Year One, more dens… (and the best role play shoes I have ever seen)!

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I am working with a Network this week going into different settings and seeing what we can do to make good practice even better. Spent a great day yesterday in Greenbank, a school with an Nursery and 2 Reception classes. Lots of good stuff going on. I had several marriage proposals from some of the girls in Reception (children not staff) and saw the BEST pair of role play shoes in Nursery that I have ever seen. They were so fabulous I had to take a picture of them! (Are they yours Ruth?) Ended the day by having a discussion with Year One about their Continuous Provision and how they use it to support learning in their classes. It was really good to see … Read More

Den Making in Carfield Nursery Sheffield

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Many, many thanks to Anne from Carfield Nursery for making the LONG journey over from Sheffield to see me in Birmingham yesterday and for bringing me a  little gift! It was a CD of photographs of the chidren in her setting deconstructing and den making. The setting are having some building work done and the children were really inspired by seeing all of the diggers and trucks going past. The photograph of the children role playing being builders really made me laugh! I asked Anne for permission to share the images and she said 'yes' so here you go…            Love the carpet squares on a milk crate for a comfy seat!         Looks like SUCH good … Read More

Watch this space ! Outdoor provision for creativity.

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 Have actually got a couple of days off next week, supposedly to finish some writing and catch up on admin. Am hoping to squeeze in at least one lunch out with the gorgeous Mrs B-C.  I need to make the most of her as I have got a run of 6 day weeks coming up and as much as I love my job, I do quite like spending time with my family too! Have agreed the focus for the final creativity project and this is it:               It is not much to look at at the moment, but we have BIG plans for this little space. The setting is a 3-form entry Primary School with … Read More