Objective Led Planning

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With objective led planning you would still group the children by ability based on assessment. Rather than having 'red group', 'blue group' etc for CLLD, PSRN etc. It allows you to group your children  by their specific need in each area of learning. So, children who need more support in talk development and less in fine motor can get just that, rather than being in one ability group for both. Once you have decided on your teaching focus you group your children in relation to their performance within that area For each group of children you would make a statement of their current performance in that area 'where they are now'. Then you plan a 'next step' for each group. … Read More

Cross Phase Planning – Nursery and Reception

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Whether it is Nursery and Reception or Reception and Year 1 together – cross phase working and planning can be a HUGELY positive experience for children but if it is done 'properly' then there are lots of challenges for the practitioners. Whilst adult directed activities are not such usually the issue, the main challenge comes through effective differentiation within the continuous provision. Your resourcing and challenge in all of your areas has to cater for the ability levels of all of your children from the lest to the most able. With two age groups together you are often significantly increasing the range of ability you are catering for. I have never yet come across a setting where the provision has … Read More

Planning – Part One

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There is SO much to write about an effective planning process in EYFS. I will do my best to strip it down to what I think are the bare bones. This is not going to be an in depth study, but hopefully will give you a few ideas. There are lots of other factors that might effect the way that you plan, like the space and staff you have available but the basic principle should always be the same. Sudley Infant School Learning is far more effective when you take it into children's play as opposed to  pulling children away from their play to come and sit at your table to 'learn'. So – for me, the key points are: … Read More

Outdoor Role Play

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 'Now, I like themed role play and I like deconstructed role play – but which one of them is best? There is only one way to find out…FIGHT!  I had a really fascinating day the other day back at Stanley Primary (the one with the ducks – more of that later). I was there to evaluate the den making project and also to look at why Creativity points 6,7,8,and 9 were still so elusive, especially for the boys. It turned out that the solution to the latter was in the examination of the former – does that make sense? Maybe it will if I show you some pictures! Stanley is a 3-form entry Primary and the Reception share a large outdoor space … Read More