No girls in my construction area! Does it matter?

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It is a common occurrence across the land. The creative area is teaming with girls and the construction area is awash with boys. To try and rectify this issue I have tried many things. Banning the boys from the construction areas (to give the girls a chance) Buying pink construction kits Putting the pink construction kits into pink boxes I even bought pink construction role play costumes (yes, such things do exist!) Did any of the above solve my issue? In short, no! I just ended up with a construction area full of boys that looked like 'Village People' rejects! My preoccupation was with gender equality. The girls who were not coming into the construction area were staying away because … Read More

Outdoor Makeover – Sudley Infant Style!

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Another gorgeous Spring day which I spent at Sudley Infant School in Liverpool. This was my second visit to Sudley to work with the team on developing their outdoor space. They have had a lot of work done outdoors, including the installation of  a quite spectacular covered area which will allow them to have a variety of outdoor play experiences all year round.  Ruth, the Head, did a significant amount of shopping around and managed to get this bespoke arrangement for a lot less than your average 'off the peg' canopy. To the left, behind the canopy, there is a large grassed area in which there will eventually be a den making station (of course), raised beds allotment, wild area/bushes for exploration, … Read More

Gerbil traps and Gun Play in Foundation Stage!

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Walked in today, switched on the light and there she was – just looking at me. She let me walk right up to her, bend over and then VAMOOSH! She was off! I then sat in the talk area for 20 mins while both of the missing gerbils scurried around me, even sniffing my hand. But as soon as I moved as much as an eyebrow…they were gone! In the end I constructed a tunnel of cardboard boxes along the skirting board and herded them into a corner where I could get them! So after half an hour of hoofing around they were all back in the telly! When the children got in they were full of it so I … Read More

Setting Up an Outdoor Area

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I have only got two weeks left on this project! Can't believe how fast the time has gone – also can't believe how much I have got to get in place for the person who is taking over once I have gone. I haven't forgotten that I said I would post a completed medium term planner. My team will have finished their initial assessments this week so we are going to have a go at our first medium term theme that will kick in after half term. I thought it might be relevant to post that one as it relates to the children and the experiences that I have shared so far on the blog. Time allowing I will post … Read More