Planning – Part One

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There is SO much to write about an effective planning process in EYFS. I will do my best to strip it down to what I think are the bare bones. This is not going to be an in depth study, but hopefully will give you a few ideas. There are lots of other factors that might effect the way that you plan, like the space and staff you have available but the basic principle should always be the same. Sudley Infant School Learning is far more effective when you take it into children's play as opposed to  pulling children away from their play to come and sit at your table to 'learn'. So – for me, the key points are: … Read More

Tim’s Story Part Two!

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The work I did in Hampshire is going to form part of a case study that I have been asked to write so I emailed all of the participants to ask them for a photograph to use in the book. So far, only Tim has obliged. So, for anyone who was wondering…this is Tim. On receipt of this image I did ask him if it was his application photo for America's Next Top Model! He  assures me it is nothing of the sort! Other than personalising his environment Tim and I were looking at the use of the other adult for maximum impact. I have been looking at this with a number of settings and have now got a planning … Read More

Rainbows at Noah’s Ark

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Well, I am back in Hampshire preparing for the end of this project with the four settings who were identified by the LA as already good, and given the challenge of moving their practice forward. Today I met with Helen and her team at Noah's Ark pack away pre-school in the morning  (see previous post) and Amey and the team at Little 1's private day nursery this afternoon.  I was SO impressed with what both settings had achieved in a relatively short space of time and once again was inspired by their practice. I will post more about the projects in depth after the 31st Jan when we are doing the 'official' feedback and share what  we (well 'they' really) did … Read More