Play and Neurodiversity

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This is part three in Kerry’s series around Neurodiversity. You can find parts one and two below.   “Play must be the right of every child. Not a privilege. After all, when regarded as a privilege, it is granted to some and denied to others, creating further inequities. Play as a right is what is fair and just. Although children will engage in play differently, play is a child’s right” (Souto-Manning, 2017) The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) states in Article 31 that play is the right of all children, yet if we think about it, play is something that we continually have to defend. Through self-directed play, children gain many things, including joy, learning, … Read More

Personalised Teaching Display

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Have spent last week back 'home' in the North East working in schools in Bishop Auckland looking at lots of aspects of their EYFS practice. I saw lots of really good ideas, that I will of course share, and also worked with staff on some of the difficulties they were having with trying to get their EYFS to work on every level. I will also share those solutions with you (once I have checked that they are still working)! Last post I talked a little bit about using child initiated teaching display to inspire and engage the most reluctant learners and, as promised I thought I would post a couple f examples from practitioners that had had a go (and … Read More

Planning Formats

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I will keep adding these as I go. This is a child initiated medium term planner. Key points to remember: MOVE AWAY from the yearly topic planner BE LED by children's interests FIND OUT what they know ADD your own pinch (or large blob) of expertise Create a 'something' that pulls it all together Assess, Assess, Assess If you need a bit of extra 'padding' this was a post I made on the Foundation Stage Forum – If you are not a member join! It is a fantastic resource and full of some inspirational practitioners – and a few nutters!! Basically – Your document is your long term planning and you need to be sure that you have a … Read More