Continuous Provision on Twitter!

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Tomorrow night (Tuesday 30th September) I will be  co-hosting #EYTalking on Twitter. It is a Twitter forum that happens every Tuesday from 8pm. My topic tomorrow is Continuous Provision and you can join in the fun by following my tweets @ABCDoes or search #EYTalking. You can make a comment or ask a question or share an idea. As I am a little concerned as to how I can get everything I need to say about Continuous Provision in 149 characters I have reposted my last blog post on the subject. At the bottom of this post you will also find links to other posts that I have done on Continuous Provision. You can also find lots of photos of challenge in Continuous … Read More

No girls in my construction area! Does it matter?

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It is a common occurrence across the land. The creative area is teaming with girls and the construction area is awash with boys. To try and rectify this issue I have tried many things. Banning the boys from the construction areas (to give the girls a chance) Buying pink construction kits Putting the pink construction kits into pink boxes I even bought pink construction role play costumes (yes, such things do exist!) Did any of the above solve my issue? In short, no! I just ended up with a construction area full of boys that looked like 'Village People' rejects! My preoccupation was with gender equality. The girls who were not coming into the construction area were staying away because … Read More

Cross Phase Planning – Nursery and Reception

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Whether it is Nursery and Reception or Reception and Year 1 together – cross phase working and planning can be a HUGELY positive experience for children but if it is done 'properly' then there are lots of challenges for the practitioners. Whilst adult directed activities are not such usually the issue, the main challenge comes through effective differentiation within the continuous provision. Your resourcing and challenge in all of your areas has to cater for the ability levels of all of your children from the lest to the most able. With two age groups together you are often significantly increasing the range of ability you are catering for. I have never yet come across a setting where the provision has … Read More

Judging Attainment in Reception

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When I am not writing or delivering conferences I spend the rest of my time working in a wide variety of EYFS settings. Sometimes it is just a one off visit to do an audit of practice and provision or to help with a specific issue like mark making or outdoor. But there are some very lucky settings who have the 'pleasure' of repeat ABC visits. One of those is Halton Lodge Primary who I 'bother' on a fairly regular basis. I was originally invited by Darren when he took over as the new Head and identified EYFS as an area for his own professional development.  We have done some joint observations (much to the sheer joy of the EYFS … Read More