Creativity – I love it!

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Ah, the life of an international rock star (I wish)! 6 conferences in 6 days, sounds like something you would be sponsored to do! Well I am half way through my week and it is flying by (despite my mild dose of man flu)! Today was the second creativity conference. Yesterday was PVI settings and today, schools. No matter how many times I talk about this subject I can't help getting a bit over excited about the possibilities that are out there. What is really nice is when my enthusiasm is shared by the delegates, which it certainly was today! There were members of staff at the conference from 4 of the 5 schools in the Creativity Project which meant … Read More

Watch this space ! Outdoor provision for creativity.

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 Have actually got a couple of days off next week, supposedly to finish some writing and catch up on admin. Am hoping to squeeze in at least one lunch out with the gorgeous Mrs B-C.  I need to make the most of her as I have got a run of 6 day weeks coming up and as much as I love my job, I do quite like spending time with my family too! Have agreed the focus for the final creativity project and this is it:               It is not much to look at at the moment, but we have BIG plans for this little space. The setting is a 3-form entry Primary School with … Read More

Deconstructed Role Play…

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Anyone who has heard me speak knows that this is one of my great passions when it comes to developing language, imagination and play. I was first inspired to give it a go after listening to Pat Broadhead talk about a ‘whatever you want it to be area’. I now recommend what I have called ‘deconstructed role play’ wherever I go and everyone says it produces brilliant results. The Idea Quite  simple really. Traditional role play is very adult directed and over-themed. We might set up a cafe, Goldilock’s house or the vet in our role play area. When there is an adult leading the play, using the language, acting out scenarios then the children can easily access the experience … Read More

Early Reading Skills – Ready to Read?

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Am having a bit of an upside down week. I was planning on doing 5 days consecutive  support in a school but looking at the focus of the project it would be much better to do 5 days with a gap in between for action and evaluation so we have re scheduled  the rest of the days giving me a couple of rare 'free' days. My main focus is to get the Blackpool transition project finished and sent off and any other spare time to catch up on a couple of magazine articles that I need to finish. With the boys at school it is also the perfect opportunity to take my gorgeous wife out to lunch! Have had an email … Read More