Mark Making – Re-discover the blackboard

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So much of the work that I do is about getting children engaged in the mark making process and then managing that often tricky phase of moving them forward from being mark makers to emergent writers and then to eager accomplished writers (particularly the boys!). Here is an idea that I think has got real potential and it lets you (and the children) re-discover the good old blackboard! Young children are motivated by anything that massages their ego (especially the boys, some would argue that fact doesn't change regardless of age!) so, this one is all about their mark making being an avenue for immediate recognition on a grand scale. It also overlaps into K and U and Creativity. All … Read More

Boys writing through play AND a brilliant activity… painting bread!

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I was back in Coventry this week at St Mary and St Benedict Primary School to work with the staff on further enhancing their EYFS practice and also to have a look at their very swanky outdoor area. The school have invested a lot of money in the Early Years outdoor space both in landscaping and structures. They have even got a small copse at the back of their play area. I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures to share. This structure was HUGE you could literally have a barn dance in it! It is a big space to fill but SO MUCH potential… I was drawn to the trees at the back. It was such a lovely area, … Read More

Making Links to Learning through Play, Modelling and MLD!

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Phew, what a week – and it isn't over yet! It started in Millstead Special Primary School in Liverpool where I was working with staff looking at the implementation of an EYFS approach across the school. Millstead has children with various levels of need from PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disability) to those with ASD  (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). It was a truly amazing two days from which I learned so much. There is HUGE potential for learning for many of the children at this school which would be significantly enhanced by running an EYFS approach. I will post more about this soon when I have done a little more research and got more feedback on the strategies that we decided to … Read More

Policies, Planning and other bits!

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All has been a little quiet on the blogging front of late as I have been up to my eyes in all sorts of exciting EYFS 'stuff'. But as we have 2 lovely long weekends close together I am getting some time to catch my breath. Having said that, I have just got back from Borehamwood (Hertfordshire ) where I had the great pleasure of delivering a conference. To make it easier for all of the delegates (and anyone else who is looking) I am going to post all of the formats that I talked about today here. I know I keep saying it but the newer, much improved blog is coming – I am just struggling to find some … Read More