Children leading learning through Usher!

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Today was a bit of a blur! We had 3 new starters (one whirlwind, one refuser and one screamer) a vomit incident (into the dough) a water tray leak followed by what happens when you leave two boys in the sand while you are distracted by a whirlwind a refuser a vomiter and a screamer… Yes, that would be every sand play toy  we posess plus half a gallon of water – so much for teaching them to fill the water tray by themselves! I have to say though – they had a GREAT time and I did find myself having a sneaky splash! Oh, and I also had to meet with the Governing Body to talk to them about … Read More

Gerbil TV

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' 'The Gerbils ' have landed! Not that anyone knew that they were gerbils mind you! Not quite sure what they thought they were – at least no one suggested they were slugs today! They have caused no end of discussion and general giddiness. Parents were brought in to see them at the end of the session and they too were full of discussion and giddiness! But at least they were all talking about something that they have in common to talk about!   One of my new starters is clearly not used to having to comply with anything  and has struggled in school when asked to do the simplest of tasks.  So when it came to story time at the … Read More

Take every opportunity!

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The children were giddy with excitement when they came in today although I am not sure why – although I enjoyed joining in their giddyness! Today our main foci were wallpapering the talk area' for discussion, mixing powder paint – ensuring independence and following up an activity that started yesterday when the children were writing letters to a fictitious bear! The morning children LOVED wallpapering and everybody had a turn – in the afternoon no one came near it, funny how that happens!     It's not quite straight and it's a bit lumpy but we got LOADS out of it and they were very proud of their work. I am AMAZED at the independence of these children. We have had a new … Read More