Getting Creative in Blackpool

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Blackpool today. Heads in the morning, EYFS practitioners in the afternoon! With heads we were looking at how to recognise attainment in FS and with practitioners, how to show challenge in the environment and continuous provision. I really enjoyed the day but a really weird thing happened at the end of the day. First my left ear went bright red and then my right one. They are still a bit hot and luminescent. What does that mean? Have I got red ear disease? I hope not! For all of you who were there today – thanks for a great day and here are the documents we looked at (all in one place) Came home to the first ' real ' … Read More

Students and millions

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Was in Hope University Liverpool yesterday presenting a workshop to students on Multimodal approaches to Foundation Stage education and then a key speech to round off the end of the day on phonics and the teaching of reading. It was a really good day with loads of info for the students and also interesting for me. Not only did I get to work with lots of enthusiastic students. I also got to meet ' Frank ' ! When I arrived on campus and set up I was asked to go out and find ' Frank ' who was kicking off the morning before jumping on a train to London. Had no idea who Frank was or what he looked liked so … Read More


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Just a quick post while I am supposed to be watching  a Sunday afternoon movie with the kids! I just love being back in the classroom – not only do I have a runny nose and a VERY sore throat, I also have flea bites! Just need a few headlice and a worm or two and I will have the full set! Well, gerbil TV is finished and I am just letting the girls get used to their new home for a few days before I take them into Nursery. As promised – here are a few photos of the process.  My kids absolutely love it!           The photo doesn't really do it justice – I … Read More

Planning and the Great Outdoors!

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 My entire Nursery and Reception team used to plan a week ahead and all now feel that this style of planning is MUCH more effective. This is a copy of one of my daily planners for last week. It has to be used in conjunction with our assessment books as they contain a lot of the specific detail. We are still bringing the children in a few at a time and you will see that ALL adults are in continuous provision modelling. So far our children are demonstrating high levels of independence – even though a significant number are still in nappies! NB – Bottom of planning should read Anecdotal not Anarchdotal (as spotted by Cait from Foundation Stage Forum!) … Read More