Café Culture and the not so humble snack…

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Like with every area of your provision, it is worth asking the question 'what is snack for?' before you start to plan for it. At it most basic level, snack is an opportunity for young children, who burn lots of energy in their play and exploration of your environment, to re-fuel. But, in truth there is SO much more that snack could and should be than that. At best it can offer some brilliant leaning opportunities. At worst it is a bag of apples and some cartons of milk dumped on a table. Halton Lodge have a small but perfectly formed snack area with a 'Have a go if you want to' waiting area with leveled challenges in it There … Read More

Teaching Key Words? Tattoo them on, then they won’t forget!

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Do you know what? I am only half joking! This week I have discovered that there is such a thing as temporary tattoo paper! You print out images on it from your computer and then they peel off and stick on just like the ones my boys come home covered in from the school disco!  (TIP: If you are going to use text remeber to reverse it BEFORE you print. You can do this in most word processing programmes now). I know that you would have to have a discussion with your team and the senior leaders about whether they would promote the use of temporary tattoos in your setting, but just think of the possibilities… Lots of children would be very motivated by the thought of … Read More