Judging Impact – Creativity Project

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 I have realised that I often start my blog posts by saying how much I have loved my day. I do appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to say that, but it is very true and today was no exception! There was a tinge of sadness to today as it was the final visit to two of the creativity project settings. They have both been an absolute PLEASURE to work with so I am genuinely sad that the project is over. When I say that, it is over for me but I am certain it will be carrying on for some time to come in both settings. I started the day In Moor Park where I had been invited … Read More

Outdoor Makeover – Sudley Infant Style!

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Another gorgeous Spring day which I spent at Sudley Infant School in Liverpool. This was my second visit to Sudley to work with the team on developing their outdoor space. They have had a lot of work done outdoors, including the installation of  a quite spectacular covered area which will allow them to have a variety of outdoor play experiences all year round.  Ruth, the Head, did a significant amount of shopping around and managed to get this bespoke arrangement for a lot less than your average 'off the peg' canopy. To the left, behind the canopy, there is a large grassed area in which there will eventually be a den making station (of course), raised beds allotment, wild area/bushes for exploration, … Read More

Continuous Provision in Year One, more dens… (and the best role play shoes I have ever seen)!

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I am working with a Network this week going into different settings and seeing what we can do to make good practice even better. Spent a great day yesterday in Greenbank, a school with an Nursery and 2 Reception classes. Lots of good stuff going on. I had several marriage proposals from some of the girls in Reception (children not staff) and saw the BEST pair of role play shoes in Nursery that I have ever seen. They were so fabulous I had to take a picture of them! (Are they yours Ruth?) Ended the day by having a discussion with Year One about their Continuous Provision and how they use it to support learning in their classes. It was really good to see … Read More

Back To School!

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So, this is how it went… Was working with a really lovely Head advising her on how we could move her Foundation Stage forward, Ofsted were due and there had been some staff changes. Make a couple of visits, see loads of potential enjoy working with her put an action plan in place. Ofsted arrive and make their judgements – school has moved forward since last inspection especially in KS2 but FS still needs a little work. Come up with a ‘post Ofsted’ cunning plan – all poised for action and then unfortunately one member of staff is ill and cannot work for the first half term. I am gutted (as is the lovely Head) so in a moment of … Read More