Transition to Year One – A Practitioner’s Story

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As Reception and Year One staff will be beginning to move into the final phase of their transition I am pleased to welcome Alison Hutchison as a guest blogger to talk about transition! Qualifying 20 years ago Alison has worked as a class teacher, nursery manager, local authority under 3’s development officer and nursery advisory teacher. Following a yearning to be back in class she became a principal teacher in a small rural school.  She has just returned to work following a career break to spend time with her children and has just completed her second book for the Bloomsbury ’50 Fantastic’ series. Today, she is sharing a transition idea that proved to be a great success for her and her children. … Read More

Ice Cream Dough

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Here is a nice weekend project that will really get you in the mood for summer! Once you have got the hang of it, it is really easy to do. It took me a couple of attempts to get it just how I wanted it so I would have a practice at home before I did it with the children. ‘Ice Cream Play Dough’. It doesn’t have any ice cream in it, but it looks like ice cream, smells like ice cream and you can even put it in the fridge/freezer so that it feels like ice cream. But, it is dough so stays solid! This is how you make it… You need  1 1/2 cups of cornflour 3/4 cup … Read More

Transition into Key Stage One – A Blog and a Book…

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As this is the time of year that lots of Reception and Year One teachers are thinking about Transition. It is a hugely important time for children, and when done well can have a significant impact on wellbeing and attainment. If you fancy reading my thoughts and ideas on tradition in a bit more depth then you might want to try and get your hands on a copy of  Effective Transition into Key Stage One. If you buy it direct from Bloomsbury here it is part of their 45% off sale which is going on until the 7th of July! When I tried to get to the bottom of what the people who were trying a play based transition were … Read More

Kitcamp Giveaway…

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When it comes to children’s play, the freedom to imagine, build and create is paramount. I talk a lot in my work about the benefits of deconstructed role play and am always on the look out for alternatives to the humble cardboard box. It was one of those searches that led me to Kitcamp. After seeing the kit online, I got in touch with the Kitcamp team and asked if they would be willing to give me a set that I could giveaway to you. I was chuffed when they said yes! What is Kitcamp? Well, have a look at this… This is what the Kitcamp team say about their product Why consider KITCAMP? Kitcamp offers an engaging learning environment … Read More