IKEA anyone?

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Found myself in IKEA again today, trying to do classroom refurbishment on a budget. What is difficult is trying not to make your classroom look like one of the 'show rooms'. Many will be tempted by the 'pop up' fabric buckets with the numbers 1 to 3 on them but STOP and ask yourself 'why?' Will it really lure them in to the PSRN area. The answer is 'no' because we all know the buggers won't come anywhere near the PSRN area even if there were fire-eaters in it! Dr Chris Pascal has done some very interesting writing about school environments and how we need to strike a balance between a 'learning' environment and a 'home' environment. We need to … Read More

Outdoor planning format

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They are coming slowly but surely these planners! This one is one that I use with new teams or teams that are new to outdoor play. It  does not stress WALTs and WILFs but ties practitioners down to the 'WHY?' question. Why is this activity out, what has prompted me to plan it. The answer to that might just be sheer experience – you want those children to do something to prompt talk, or it will be your assessment or observation. The beauty (and simplicity) of this one is that it allows you to track and cross reference between planning and assessment. Good for SMT tracking and of course very good for Ofsted! Will post more as I get them done! Have tried saving in 2010 and … Read More

Playdough Recipes

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Have included the most 'popular' and interesting recipes including a chocolate one that you can eat! Am always looking for more so please feel free to post them   Alistair Download Playdough recipes  Download Playdough recipes 97-2003

Mark Making and Role Play

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Turns out my camera was out of battery and so I took these on my phone. They are not brilliant and I need to stress that the areas are not finished – just sharing a 'work in progress' As it is early in the year and my emphasis is on talk and communication I have tried to leave the areas big and lacking in theme. The role play has no 'costumes', no tabbards with 'nurse' or 'fireman' emblazoned on them because for lots of children they restrict them to one character (and are also blinking expensive!) Instead I have boxes of fabric, huge pieces and small ones. I have separated plain from patterned and also created a box of 'special' bits which … Read More