two little boys… build a tunnel

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Today was officially great!  The children are still coming in a few at a time but the ones who have been in for a few days are really starting to feel at home and use the environment independently. They did some brilliant outdoor work with the bread trays and plastic covers. In the couple of hours that I was out there the area was everything from Tia's sausage butty shop to a pirate ship complete with planks for walking! All of this with minimum adult intervention. If we had themed the outdoors as a cafe or a house we wouldn't have got such diverse opportunities for play. I have got some big plans for outdoors but we are starting with … Read More

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

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In the spirit of recycling ( and becaue the setting I am working in has limited resources and funding) today I have been mostly making transparent funnels out of Diet Coke bottles! Here are said bottles before… and after… I just chopped the bottom of with a pair of  scissors! Not rocket science, I know! and here they are in use…           This was a lovley activity with one of my TA's where she was getting the children to wash ducks! As you can see they clearly loved it. Al's diner produced an oat, raisin and sunflower seed chewy cookie which were great! Making biscuits was a direct request from the children so we were fulfilling … Read More

What’s in a name?

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We have all done it – You spy a child creating a 'masterpiece' you watch them carefully select their paint, their size of brush, you watch them with awe and pride…you see them un clip it and begin the slow and steady walk towards you, like Mrs Overall with two soups, and you think to yourself…When they get here I am going to say such lovely things…and then it happens…you cannot help it… "Is your name on it?"   No matter what is in your head, all that comes out of your mouth is "Is your name it?" What a shame. In the spirit of my education ethos I wanted the children to make their own peg label – not one … Read More


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It's Sunday – so it must be planning… Well I have already done mine! Children are in with no parents tomorrow. The school has a staggered start so not all of them are in. They will be coming into this great big space full of all of this 'stuff',which we have imagined they will use in a particular way, they will be wary of this funny bloke and these two women and wondering when 'mummy time' is. This is NOT the opportunity for starting the assessment process – well not formally anyway! This time is 'getting to know you' time and it is invaluable if you want the rest of your year to be up and running quickly and run … Read More