Oh no!

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Had my 'Oh no, what have I done' day yesterday. Three of us worked from 7am till 2pm and still didn't get anywhere near finished. Have been back in again today for another six hours and…STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED! Meant to blog last night but ate my tea and fell asleep! I know I am now 40, but can't remeber the last time I was this knackered! Have had a comment that the planning format won't download so I will investigate that and I will also post some pictures of what the environement is looking like now. Next time I do this for a school (if there is a next time) I will certainly build in some days for set up! … Read More

Dough – or should that be Doh?

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When I arrived this morning there was a cup of tea waiting for me! Boy did I need it – these early mornings are a killer! Think I will have to say goodbye to wine of an evening – it certainly doesn't help. Spent most of today in the kitchen cleaning out the cupboards and seeing what I've got. Mike (site manager) has agreed to build me a step so the children can work at the counter. I want them to make/bake their snack every day using real ingredients. I have found someone who is going to dig up bits of their allotment and put it into plastic crates for me to take in so that the children can actually … Read More

Planning Formats

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I will keep adding these as I go. This is a child initiated medium term planner. Key points to remember: MOVE AWAY from the yearly topic planner BE LED by children's interests FIND OUT what they know ADD your own pinch (or large blob) of expertise Create a 'something' that pulls it all together Assess, Assess, Assess If you need a bit of extra 'padding' this was a post I made on the Foundation Stage Forum – If you are not a member join! It is a fantastic resource and full of some inspirational practitioners – and a few nutters!! http://www.foundation-stage.info Basically – Your document is your long term planning and you need to be sure that you have a … Read More

Back To School!

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So, this is how it went… Was working with a really lovely Head advising her on how we could move her Foundation Stage forward, Ofsted were due and there had been some staff changes. Make a couple of visits, see loads of potential enjoy working with her put an action plan in place. Ofsted arrive and make their judgements – school has moved forward since last inspection especially in KS2 but FS still needs a little work. Come up with a ‘post Ofsted’ cunning plan – all poised for action and then unfortunately one member of staff is ill and cannot work for the first half term. I am gutted (as is the lovely Head) so in a moment of … Read More