Students and millions

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Was in Hope University Liverpool yesterday presenting a workshop to students on Multimodal approaches to Foundation Stage education and then a key speech to round off the end of the day on phonics and the teaching of reading. It was a really good day with loads of info for the students and also interesting for me. Not only did I get to work with lots of enthusiastic students. I also got to meet ' Frank ' ! When I arrived on campus and set up I was asked to go out and find ' Frank ' who was kicking off the morning before jumping on a train to London. Had no idea who Frank was or what he looked liked so … Read More

Dough – or should that be Doh?

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When I arrived this morning there was a cup of tea waiting for me! Boy did I need it – these early mornings are a killer! Think I will have to say goodbye to wine of an evening – it certainly doesn't help. Spent most of today in the kitchen cleaning out the cupboards and seeing what I've got. Mike (site manager) has agreed to build me a step so the children can work at the counter. I want them to make/bake their snack every day using real ingredients. I have found someone who is going to dig up bits of their allotment and put it into plastic crates for me to take in so that the children can actually … Read More

Back To School!

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So, this is how it went… Was working with a really lovely Head advising her on how we could move her Foundation Stage forward, Ofsted were due and there had been some staff changes. Make a couple of visits, see loads of potential enjoy working with her put an action plan in place. Ofsted arrive and make their judgements – school has moved forward since last inspection especially in KS2 but FS still needs a little work. Come up with a ‘post Ofsted’ cunning plan – all poised for action and then unfortunately one member of staff is ill and cannot work for the first half term. I am gutted (as is the lovely Head) so in a moment of … Read More