Children are the true Kings and Queens of themes! Guest Post by Denita Dinger.

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For this weeks blog I have the pleasure of sharing the thoughts of Denita Dinger. For those of you who haven’t come across Denita’s work, she  is an internationally-known speaker and author from the USA who loves to share humorous, intentional and inspiring keynotes and workshops about the value of child-led learning to anyone who has young people in their lives. In this blog post for ABC Does, she is talking about her journey from adult led to child led learning and the many moments of magical learning that can happen in one short day. For more information, contact her at:   I am a former “Queen of Themes” who has proudly stepped down from her thrown.   For … Read More

Self-regulation in the EYFS: Unfit for Purpose. Guest Post from Mine Conkbayir

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Self-regulation in the EYFS: Unfit for Purpose.  I have been writing and talking about the fundamental importance of understanding self-regulation (SR) and the neuroscience of early brain development for well over a decade and in this time, I am disappointed to have not seen it feature in early years (EY) qualifications or training as mandatory practice. However, recently, things have changed and SR (which simply put, is the individual’s ability to manage big emotions and their resulting behaviours and to return to a state of calm) has become the ‘’buzzword’’ in the EY sector. ‘What’s the problem?’ you may well ask. Based on my observations, a few key issues come to mind including the proliferation of unscrupulous consultants who have … Read More

We have evidence! Tales Toolkit helps close gender literacy gap…

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We have evidence! Tales Toolkit helps close gender literacy gap… Hello, we’re back again! Alistair has been supporting us right from the start, so it seemed fitting that now we have evidence to shout about this would be the place to spread the word. Lots of you have heard of us already. Tales Toolkit provides interactive, child led resources for early years using easy to remember symbols representing story structure. Provided with online training and on-going support our resources give children the independence to create stories about the things that interest them using anything to hand from a Spiderman toy to a pine cone! But I won’t spend lots of time telling you about Tales Toolkit as there are lots … Read More

Autumn Transient Art

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It is important that children have opportunities for art, design and creativity outdoors as well as indoors. Ideally in your indoor space you will have provision for children to make, model and paint. If you put one of your easels outside with some pots of paint and a couple of aprons then you are just recreating the same indoor opportunities without the ceiling. Although some children might really enjoy painting outside, a key question for me is ‘what unique creative experience can outdoors offer them?’ There will be more about outdoor painting later in the week! We want children to be able to transfer their indoor skills and apply them to different resources and experiences that are strongly linked to … Read More