Rock, Paper, Scissors – A Guest Post from Reflections Nursery

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I am a long term admirer of the work of the Reflections Nursery and Small School team for a number of reasons. It is true, their space does look amazing, but what I enjoy most about their work is that children are given time. Time to truly immerse themselves in an experience or interaction. Time to experience, rehearse, reflect and consolidate. Time to be! There are lots of interesting projects to look at on their website ( including the one they have kindly allowed me to feature here today. Rock, Paper, Scissors was a long term project involving paper and exploring children’s desire to transform materials. Pop over and have a look (Reflections -RockPaperScissors) I love how the team reflect … Read More

Deconstructed Role Play – A Practitioner’s Story

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I am really pleased to be able to share this guest blog post with you from St Margaret’s Nursery School Barnet. All about how they introduced deconstructed role play into their setting. We had the opportunity to watch the online role play training on @abcdoes website and were immediately inspired by this idea. Our nursery is a place of possibilities where we believe in free play in an environment where every child is empowered to take the lead in their play, have their own ideas with adults scaffolding their learning. We have a large outdoor loose parts area and have seen how well our children play and learn in this area so knew a deconstructed role play inside would be … Read More

School Readiness or Society’s Readiness? Supporting Young Children to ‘Catch Up’ Following the Covid Pandemic?

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As some of you know, I am currently studying for my Doctorate at Manchester Metropolitan University. Although the study can be challenging, I love the fact that it allows me to read things I would never normally read and meet people I would never normally meet. This week my guest blog post comes from Visiting Research Fellow Martina Street. Have a read and see what you think.     Martina is employed by Manchester City Council and has over 20 years’ experience working in the Early Years sector in low‐income areas. She is also an Associate of the Early Intervention Foundation, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University where she was recently seconded to support the development and … Read More

OPAL Part Two – How It Works In Practice

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Last week we talked to you about OPAL and the principles behind our approach to assessment. This week we will tell you more about how it works in practice. So how does OPAL look in practice? Milestones Opal works on the basis of having very simple, six-monthly child developmental milestones, which we use to monitor children’s development. These milestones reflect what we believe a ‘typical’ child, should be able to achieve. When looking at the statements, we assess if the child has met the milestones and record a simple ‘yes’ or ‘not yet’. We know that not all children will have ‘typical’ development. Opal allows us to tell and celebrate each child’s story and focus on the support they need … Read More