Early Years Curriculum – Any Questions for Gill Jones?

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Next month I have got the opportunity to interview Gill Jones, one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors and Ofsted’s Deputy Director of Early Education. I am going to be talking to Gill about the Quality of Education focus in the Education Inspection Framework and in particular what an Early Years Curriculum might look like and how Ofsted will expect settings to demonstrate ‘ intent, implementation and impact’. You will be able to watch the interview towards the end of next month (depending on how quickly the ABC Does elves can edit it!). Have you got any questions  about the curriculum in the Early Years that you would like me to ask Gill on your behalf? If you have, then please leave them in the … Read More

Teacher Resilience. Why we should be THRIVING not just SURVIVING!

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It is that time of year again. The one that should be filled with magic moments and the spirit of joy and good will to all men (and women). In truth, Christmas can be a real time of stress for Early Years practitioners.  There are often huge expectations for them to produce Christmas cards, salt dough decorations, crackers made out of an old loo roll and an all singing, all dancing production worthy of an Academy Award! Whist we could debate at length the educational value to the children of all of the above activities, we need to seriously consider the impact of this extra pressure on the mental wellbeing and resilience of the practitioners. The sad truth is that although the … Read More

Texture Kitchen – Mud Paint

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In this outdoor painting space, I wanted the children to be able to use all of the skills that they had learned about painting indoors and apply them in a different way outdoors. I used 2 artists easels because they are easy to put up, collapse and adjust. Plus they give the children some experience of the equipment that a professional artist might use. To stand on the easel and hold the paper I had 2 pieces of thin plywood cut to size for me at B+Q. To cover the board, I used lining paper from Wilko’s as this can be as large or small depending on the preferences of the children. To make the paint you will need Bowls … Read More

Texture Kitchen – Clay Station

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There is no end to the variety of ‘textures’ that you can explore in your texture kitchen. Whilst we are all probably very used to adding mud and sand, other materials like dough and clay can really extend the learning possibilities. If you created an outdoor dough making station, then children can not only experiment with creating the ‘ideal’ consistency for their dough, they can also add lots of ‘stuff’ to it – like grass, petals and stones etc. Outdoor Ice cream dough making station Children can also use their dough  for pattern making on and around natural resources. Grove Street Primary Another enhancement that also offers lots of potential is clay. By its very composition, clay will add more … Read More