Cool Canvas Wooden Teepee Giveaway

When Oliver suggested that he make a Teepee for me to Giveaway - how could I say 'no'?! Better than that...even if you don't win, then you can got to YouTube and get the instructions for how to make your own. You could even have your own little Teepee village! All details on how to enter at the end of this post. But for now, over to Oliver... Hi. I’m Oliver Wotherspoon and it is great to be involved in another super summer giveaway. I am passionate about outdoors play, and with my company, Cool Canvas , I have spent over a decade designing, manufacturing and installing fantastic natural playgrounds. From fallen log climbing structures to texture kitchens I love play...

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What do you get if you cross and egg with a laminating pouch?

This is an Understanding the World activity that I guarantee you and your children will LOVE! All you need is some laminating pouches, an iron, an ironing board, some A4 paper and a few random objects. Now, most of you will have spent many a happy hour slaving over (and probably jamming) your laminator making various labels and resources. Well, today you are going to give the laminator a rest and seal your pouches by hand using an iron. The reason that we want to seal them by hand is that we are going to try and trap something exciting in the middle of the pouch for the children to observe and poke. I know this is the time of...

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