Continuous Provision in Key Stage One Part 3 – Outcomes

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I am really pleased that Jo from St John’s C of E Primary has agreed to write me a third blog post. You can find the others here and here. It is great to see a play based approach to learning having such a positive impact. My third blog leads to the subject I am most frequently asked about. A subject which I tend to avoid as it is often steered towards data, data, data…I like to ‘practise what I preach’; value the journey rather than the outcome’, but  that is not to say that the children ‘s progress and ultimate end of Key Stage assessments are not too far from our minds as we plan the provision. Outcomes, in the … Read More

Transition into Key Stage One – A Blog and a Webinar…

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I have got a ‘Transition into Key Stage One’ Webinar coming up at 8pm on 23rd May, you are all welcome to join me… (all details here).  As this is the time of year that lots of Reception and Year One teachers are thinking about Transition – here is a repost of a blog I wrote last year.’ When I tried to get to the bottom of what the people who were trying a play based transition were finding hard, they were all pretty much in agreement. Lack of EYFS knowledge Lack of equipment/resources Lack of additional adults Lack of support Unrealistic expectations To be fair, if you not quite sure what you are supposed to be doing, you haven’t got … Read More

Continuous Provision in Year One at St John’s, Bradford – Curriculum Coverage

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This is the second blog post from Jo at St Johns Church of England School in Bradford. After the first one here I got lots of questions about curriculum coverage and play. So, I asked Jo to write me another blog post to talk me through how they approach it. Over to you Jo…. One question I am repeatedly asked… ‘How do you ensure you teach all the aspects of the curriculum within a provision based setting?’ The response isn’t always the answer they expect… ‘We don’t!’ Well, when I say we don’t, what I actually mean is that we don’t ‘teach’ it all, in the usual sense of the word. Do we manage to manage to ‘cover’ the curriculum? The … Read More

Continuing an Early Years Approach into Key Stage One – St John’s Church of England Primary

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In the first of three blog posts across the academic year I have asked Joanna from St John’s Church of England School in Bradford to talk us through her school’s Early Years Approach to Key Stage One.  Why she decided to do it, what she actually does and the all important impact on emotional as well as academic attainment. Over to you Joanna… Our journey started five years ago and we haven’t looked back since. Walking around our setting now, it is hard to believe that we ever worked any other way; the formal classroom layout replaced with quiet nooks, busy provision areas and thoughtful provocations. Children are everywhere… on the floor, on cushions, in pairs, in groups or sitting … Read More