Superheroes, Weapon Play and a Giveaway

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Last month was all about Superheroes for me. It is not that I developed an overriding urge to wear my underpants over my trousers (although it has been known!). I just ended up doing a lot of talking, writing and idea sharing around the positive impact of Superhero and Weapon play for children in Early Years. March saw the official release of ‘Creative Role Play in the Early Years’ in which I have outlined my thoughts on what makes really effective role play work and why. As Superhero and Weapon play does take up a considerable amount of a lot of children’s role play time, there is a section in the book that explores the reasons behind why children play … Read More

ICT in Early Years AND a TTS Giveaway!

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It is sometimes difficult to think of ICT as being anything beyond a computer or an iPad, but ICT in EYFS takes on many different forms and can be promoted in all areas of continuous provision – and beyond. Undoubtedly there has to be a taught element of ICT, but as many aspects as possible should be integrates into the Continuous Provision that we create to make it real and relevant to children. ICT should be viewed as a tool that will support all of our teaching and learning, rather than just a single focus for teaching. As well as getting children to be familiar with the ‘operation’ of equipment we need to try and ensure that they can access, … Read More

TTS Giveaway – Wooden Till for Role Play

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How do you fancy getting your hands on one of these from the lovely people at TTS? I really like it because even though it is a till, it is ambiguous enough that it could be a variety of contraptions depending on who was using it. Of course, as adults we can identify it as a shop till. Although, how many shop tills look like this one? When I am standing at the self service till in Tesco (being told that there is an unexpected item in my bagging area), I am not looking at anything like this. So lots of our children may not know what it is as they have never seen one like it. Don’t forget that … Read More


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I know that I have written about these before but they are great and a perfect ‘start of the year’ activity. Hamstel Infant School The idea of a Mini-Me is that you create your class or group in miniature. The children can then use these miniatures in their play. There is nothing more powerful for your self esteem than having a little ‘you’ that you can take around with you or create fabulous fantasy small worlds to play in. Hamstel Infant School Mini-Me’s can be really effective in helping children to develop language and communication skills as well as personal social skills and positive behaviours. Hamstel Infant School How to do it What You Need : Digital camera Printer Laminator … Read More