Brilliant Idea for your Writing Area…

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As anyone who is a regular reader of the blog will know, I am very passionate about getting children writing (especially boys). Over the past few years I have done lots of project work with individual settings and Local Authorities on improving Mark Making and Writing across a variety of settings. So, I spend lots of my time thinking about, and watching, what motivates children to want to mark make and write. Undoubtedly as in all things motivation is the key. If children aren’t motivated to write then they won’t. Often things that we think are a great idea as a writing inspiration don’t catch children’s imagination and therefore they are not bothered (usually finding that they need to do … Read More

Jolly Phonics – Guest Post

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Jolly Phonics is one of those things that seems to have been around for EVER! I remember using it when I was on teaching practice way back in the early 90's. If like me you thought it was a programme just for initial sound recognition and not much else you might want to read on… Thanks to Sara for writing this post that explains what Jolly Phonics is really all about. Guest Blog, by Sara Wernham, Co-Author of the Jolly Phonics programme  I became involved with Jolly Phonics when I arrived, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, at my first teaching job. Jolly Phonicsitself was at a fairly early stage of its development; indeed, at that point it wasn't yet called 'Jolly Phonics'!  Sue Lloyd, the originator … Read More

All things witchy…I think I might have met a REAL one!

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For the past few days I have been working out here in Madrid delivering EYFS training on the COBIS teachers’ autumn conference. As well as my own  conference delivery, I also got the chance to attend some of the sessions delivered by the other speakers.  (Matthew Syed and Tom Barwood were two particular highlights and worth a look). Must just say a big thank you to all of the Kings College staff for looking after me and the delegates for being such a pleasure to work with. When I looked down the list of other speakers, one name in particular jumped out… Maeve Friel – THE Maeve Friel, author of Tiger Lily and Witch in Training series. I have read … Read More

If Music in EYFS gives you a headache…read this guest blog

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Coming from a very musical family I always think that the hills (or at least our settings) should be alive with  the sound of music! Music has SO much to offer the EYFS curriculum and is not as hard as you think – even if you are tone deaf and without a musical bone in your body!   I am pleased to say that I am not alone in this way of thinking and am chuffed to be able to share the following guest post. Thanks to Kate Davison and Helen Nixon for sharing. There is so much good stuff to share that is going to take up two blog posts. This is the first installment!  MUSIC TO MY EARS! … Read More